Girl 3 loses arms and legs in fight against meningitis

Girl, 3, loses arms and legs in fight against meningitis

A story of survival and overcoming the odds.

On the morning of December 10, 2010, Jenny realised Charlotte had overslept and went to check on her, noticing three tiny purple spots on her chest.

After carrying out the tumbler test to see if the marks disappeared under pressure, Jenny and Alex called the paramedics who immediately pumped antibiotics into her.

Charlotte was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, where at one point the toddler had multiple organ failure. But determined Charlotte was not going to give up without a fight. Doctors managed to stop the disease from spreading but she developed gangrene brought on by septicaemia, giving doctors no choice but to amputate her arms and legs to save her life.

Moving on
Charlotte, now five, faces a lifetime of rehabilitation and uncertainty over her health. Jenny, 31, said: “Charlotte’s doing really well but it’s taken two years to get to the stage where she’s not wearing dressings and has stopped having infections. “In the last two years, she’s had 10 general anaesthetics and will need more operations when she gets older.

“Meningitis is a shocking and traumatic disease, which is sudden and hard to detect. No matter how much awareness there is about it, it’s so difficult to diagnose until it’s at a very serious stage.”